Thursday, January 20, 2011


I went to Cleggs Nursery because I couldn't stand it any more. I just WANT to say it's spring and time to start a garden!

Right now, on good days it's in the lower 60's and sometimes 50's and while that may be warm to some of our northern folk, to this southern girl it's flat-out cold. All I want to do is stay inside and huddle up. So I know I wouldn't get far with a garden right now. But... but.... but... I can plan, can't I!!?

While I was at Clegg's, I couldn't help myself, I bought some fertilizer and two plants. Here are pictures of the plants I bought:

Some fennel


some Chives! No, not green onions. Chives! Little, tiny things that look like green onions.

Actually, Clegg's didn't have any other vegetables to purchase, or I'm sure I would have come home with more. :-) I just *wanted* to buy some veggies! And as I was walking around the seeds, wondering if I should just buy some of them, the manager came by and asked me if I was finding everything I needed. I told him, "yes, I'm just really aching to start my spring garden."

He said, "Yes, I am wanting you to also!"

Well, I'm a reader, so whenever I get interested in something, I go to the library and pick up 30 or 40 books on the subject. (Depending on how many books I already have checked out. You know, they limit you to 50, which I think is a ridiculously low number.)

Anyway, here is an idea of some (yes, just some) of the books I've been looking at.

I thought I would do a review on some of the better books, if people are interested.

Which reminds me. I've opened the Comments to everyone, but they will be moderated. So feel free to let me know under Comments what you think and how things are going in your garden. Or if you would like more information about something I'm doing!

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  1. I'm worried about you Erin.....just sayin'. LOL
    I do understand though. I'm inspired by your enthusiasm!


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