Friday, January 21, 2011


I LOVE my broccoli. It is the most tender, delicious broccoli I have ever tasted. And I'm not just saying that because I grew it! Everyone that has tasted it has said the same thing.

Here's a picture from yesterday showing the broccoli I'm still getting two months after I thought the harvest was over!

Unfortunately I did not pay attention to what type of broccoli I purchased. I bought it as a transplant, instead of seeds, so it really didn't say anyway.

But, just it case it's the type of broccoli and not just my growing ability, I would like to keep some seeds from my plants. I never wondered where broccoli seeds came from before, but now I know more about the whole process.

When you let the broccoli continue to grow on the plant, it will flower. After it flowers, you let it stay on the plant until it turns dark green or brown and you should get seeds from the pods that form. You rub the pods in the palm of your hand and the seeds will break away from the pods.

Now, it makes a difference if the plant is a hybrid or not. You will not get the same plant from a hybrid plant by using its seeds. You have to get another hybrid. But if the plant is not a hybrid, then you should do fine with the seeds.

I would like to get seeds in time to plant some for my spring 2011 garden. I don't think that will happen, so I will keep my eyes open for some transplants.

Remember, when you plant your broccoli, it need LOTS of water. Even in self-watering containers, you will not be able to go more than just a couple of days without refilling the water reservoir.

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